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City of Liberty Strategic Master Plan City of Liberty, SC

Project Overview

In June 2021, the City of Liberty hired a planning team led by Studio Main LLC to conduct a community-based planning process and create a shared plan to guide growth and development in the town. Prior to this initiative, Liberty did not benefit from a coordinated master plan. Consequently, many issues were addressed in a piecemeal fashion rather than through the lens of a coordinated and agreed- upon direction and vision for the future of the community.

The process and outcome of this planning effort, called Downtown and Main Entry Master Plan, seeks to accomplish the following goals:

Help the City to improve the stability, physical condition, and economic well-being of the community;

Improve Liberty’s built environment by addressing key corridors and planning for a more walkable downtown core;

Connect downtown to other major assets in Liberty;

Create a sense of arrival to Downtown along major corridors;

Provide a document that will serve as the basis for modifications to land use and planning regulations, public and private investment and infrastructure decisions, and prioritizations for the allocation of City resources; and

Provide a document that will create a community- wide, strategic vision to guide the growth, development and redevelopment of the City of Liberty;

Instruct elected officials and staff in short, medium and long-term goals coupled with funding opportunities, responsible parties, and next steps.

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