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Hike-Bike Connectivity Master Plan Update City of Goose Creek, SC

Project Overview

The City of Goose Creek is a City on the move. Recent and current projects like the Eubanks Park Master Plan, the 2021 Comprehensive Plan, and the roadway improvements along Montague Plantation Road, demonstrate the City’s commitment to creating an active and attractive environment for residents, employees and visitors. Through these efforts, the importance of bicycling and walking has emerged as a high priority for the community, both as an amenity that adds to the quality of life for Goose Creek residents, and as an asset to attract tourism and stimulate economic development.

The City of Goose Creek Connectivity Master Plan creates a vision and blueprint for integrating walking and bicycling into the fabric of the community. The Plan is built on a thorough, in-depth analysis of existing conditions and priority routing to provide immediate connectivity. Through its “Six E’s” framework, the Plan presents recommendations in the areas of engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation/planning, and equity, all of which are designed to make bicycling and walking fun, daily, and normal transportation and recreation choices. By prioritizing recommended walkway and bikeway projects and including cost estimates, design guidelines, and funding opportunities, the Master Plan will guide investments in active transportation and recreation.

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